Jitterbug Handmade was born out of a restless desire to print and create patterns.

Jitterbug Handmade is the creation of Jen Schier, a graphic/web designer with a background in art history. You can see my design work here.

In the summer of 2015, I began branching out further from graphic design and became interested in creating more fine art. I took some classes and began painting using watercolour and exploring other media. Everything clicked when one day I was using Photoshop and I created my first fruit pattern with one of my watercolour paintings. I was in LOVE. I decided that pattern making was the medium that I’d been dreaming of, and I wanted to dive into it completely.

Right away I wanted to create and print my own patterns and use them to create textile pieces, but printing digitally on fabric requires outsourcing to faraway fabric printers. I became interested in how I could print my own textiles. I’ve explored printmaking a little in the past, and when I realized block printing could be done easily at home with my own linocuts and hand-mixed inks, I went ahead and started printing in my home whenever I have an extra minute!

You can find my watercolour patterns which are now available as digitally printed fabrics here, and I’m looking forward to incorporating these into my home-sewn creations in the near future.

The art of linocut and block printing

Starting with a sketch, I carve the design into lino or soft rubber using a sharp tool called a burin.  

The rubber is then inked up and hand stamped onto the material.

The result is the beauty of block printing –  every print is completely unique.

What’s in a name?

*The name of Jitterbug came from my late father’s pet name for myself. I’m happy that now a version of that ladybug serves my block print shop logo (and very first carved linocut design)!*

 Thanks so much for supporting handmade!