Jitterbug Handmade was created out of a restless desire to design and print patterns.

Jitterbug Handmade is the creation of Jen Schier, a graphic/web designer with a background in art history. You can see my design work here.

In the summer of 2015, I began branching out further from graphic design and became interested in working with different media. Starting with watercolour and progressing into print making, everything came together with the first pattern I created using with one of my watercolour fruit paintings. Right away I found that pattern making was a medium I wanted to dive into it completely.

Wanting to create and print my own patterns on textiles, I realized block printing could be done easily at home with my own linocut stamps and hand-mixed inks. I’ve been printing patterns and prints in my home studio ever since.

You can find my watercolour patterns which are now available as digitally printed fabrics here.

The art of linocut and block printing

Starting with a sketch, I carve the design into lino or soft rubber using a sharp tool called a burin.  

The rubber is then inked up and hand stamped onto the material.

The result is the beauty of block printing –  every print is completely unique.

 Thanks so much for supporting handmade!